[UPDATE (Jan. 10): Join JCJ at 9:00 a.m. on January 19th  for a pre-Women’s March Shabbat experience. We will be meeting in the parking lot on S. Broadway, between 2nd and 3rd streets (next to 213 S. Broadway). The March will begin at Pershing Square and everyone will congregate around Grand Park. This is a perfect in-between point.]

By Leah Sternberg

On January 19, the Jewish Center for Justice will join thousands of activists and advocates for justice at the 2019 Los Angeles Women’s March. While JCJ acknowledges valid concerns over how the Jewish community would partner with future Women’s Marches given its national leaders’ affiliation with individuals who publicly denigrate the Jewish and LGBTQ communities, we have been encouraged by the subsequent dialogue with local affiliates.

After multiple conversations between the Jewish community and local leaders of the Women’s March, JCJ has been reassured that the strength of the March comes from grassroots coalitions built through local marches. We reaffirm our support for this year’s local Marches, whose leaders have stressed the importance of being inclusive to women of all faiths, as well as the LGBTQ community. Read our full statement from Nov. 29.

We look forward to being embraced by organizers and participants of Women’s March LA and others throughout the west coast. Before we get up and get marching, here’s a quick checklist of what to bring:

Good Shoes

We can’t pray with our feet if we don’t have happy feet. Wear sensible shoes like sneakers, boots, or other comfortable options so that our attention can be focused on marching tied together by our values of justice and equality, not by mutual concern over blisters and sore feet.

A Buddy

Bring your kids, parents, friends, boss, crush, tailor, accountant, barista, strangers you meet along the way… we are stronger as a group. Phone service can be tricky during such a large gathering, so if you come with a buddy, plan to stick with them.

JCJ Backpack, Stickers & Swag


JCJ and the wider Los Angeles Jewish community will join together to make our Judaism proudly known as we celebrate Shabbat in the street. You’ve never looked cooler than when you’re marching with a JCJ backpack.


The key to making a fabulous protest sign starts with the board. Use a sturdy material — one that’s not too heavy to carry, but not to light that it will fly away. We love creative messages but recommend a simple design with contrasting colors for optimal legibility. And not to worry, if you forget it at home, we’ll have extras that match your JCJ backpack, just in case.

Water and Snacks

Stay hydrated and energized. Bring extra because sharing your snacks is the best way to make new friends with whom you share similar values.

Also, make sure to check the weather and charge your phone. Now, let’s get ready to spend this Shabbat showing the world what democracy looks like.

Leah Sternberg is a 5th year rabbinic student at Hebrew Union College and Manager of Jewish Engagement and Advocacy at the Jewish Center for Justice.