Take ACTION by contacting your State Legislators and encouraging them to enact a bill to protect election workers — as well as voters — from interference and intimidation.

  • Find your California Assembly Member and Senator!

Sample script:

Hello, my name is [your name]. I’m calling today from the Jewish Center for Justice to urge [name of Assembly Member or Senator] to enact AB 2642, which would protect election poll workers from intimidation and interference, and by proxy protect every citizen’s right to vote. This bill would stipulate that carrying a firearm near election activity would be assumed to be intimidation of election workers. As a constituent of California and a Jewish person who believes voting is the most basic right in any democracy, I urge [the Assembly Member or Senator’s name] to vote for AB 2642 in support of protections for election workers and voters. Thank you for your consideration.

What is JCJ advocating for?

AB 2642 would:

  • Protect election workers by strengthening anti intimidation laws.
  • Presume that people who carry firearms around election activities or around poll workers are engaging in acts of intimidation.

Why are we advocating for election worker and voter protections?

JCJ is advocating for election worker protection because the threat of intimidation or interference poses a sincere problem to the integrity of our elections, and our democracy as a whole. Currently, people who carry firearms around election activities or poll workers may not be assumed to be intimidation or interference, and this should change. Read more about our position on Voting rights.

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