Cohort Programs


  • Learn legislative advocacy techniques and tools through a Jewish lens
  • Build an advocacy plan and create call / email scripts for legislator outreach
  • Engage with community leaders and elected officials on how to best communicate advocacy messages to those in power


  • Learn leadership and advocacy skills alongside other teen activists
  • Attend events, rallies, lobby meetings, and conferences in Los Angeles and throughout California
  • Participate in advocacy sessions from the JCJ office monthly


  • Receive personalized mentorship from JCJ Executive Director Rabbi Joel Simonds
  • Collaborate with college activists and network with JCJ constituents
  • Hone your passion for Judaism and justice while becoming an on-campus leader

Seminary Cohort

  • Receive social justice focused education in monthly mentor sessions and in-person advocacy trainings.
  • Engage in study and leadership development based on the social justice issues of our tradition.
  • Find your authentic voice and learn why a well-crafted justice rabbinate is so necessary.

Lawyers’ Committee

  • Leverage your legal skills on social justice issues in JCJ’s portfolio.
  • Monitor legislation and help JCJ interpret key legal decisions with advice, strategy, and insights.
  • Work with issue-area experts to help JCJ craft public positions and statements.

Clergy Council

  • Build a network of fellow justice-minded clergy members.
  • Offer faith-based insights on JCJ resources and insider briefings.
  • Create resources for sermons, text studies, and other educational opportunities.