Take ACTION by contacting your State Legislators and encouraging them to enact a bill that would require treatment denials from private insurance be automatically referred to the Independent Medical Review process.

  • Find your California Assembly Member and Senator!

Sample script:

Hello, my name is [your name]. I’m calling today from the Jewish Center for Justice to urge [name of Assembly Member or Senator] to enact SB 294, which would remove barriers for accessing mental health resources for young people. Given the current mental health crisis, denials by private insurance should be sent directly to the existing independent medical review process. As a constituent of California, I believe that each youth within the state should be guaranteed a review of their treatment should it be denied by their insurance. As a Jewish person, my religious tradition reminds me that those who stand in the way of treatment are liable, including insurance decisions that do not support their holders. As such, I urge [the Assembly Member or Senator’s name] to vote for SB 294 in support of mental health for youths. Thank you for your consideration.

What is JCJ advocating for?

SB 294 would:

  • Put mental health treatment on a more level playing field for all patients
  • For urgent and life-threatening cases, speed up access to care by automatically referring the denied claims to the state’s Independent Medical Review (IMR) process.

Why are we advocating for mental health resources for youth?

Americans of all ages are increasingly facing mental health challenges, especially in teenagers and children. Meanwhile, support is limited. Denying access to mental health treatments that could help and support people has a profound impact on their ability to receive care. Ensuring that treatment denials are referred to the Independent Medical Review process would help those who are seeking these resources. Read more about our position on Mental Health.

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