The 2022 Midterm Election has officially concluded. While most races and propositions have been settled, several still remain undecided as the final ballot count comes in. In addition to national and statewide Get Out The Vote efforts, the Jewish Center for Justice supported several California propositions and ballot measures. Here’s what happened.

Proposition 1

What it would do:

  • Enshrine within the California Constitution a right to abortion.
  • Expand Reproductive Privacy Act to prohibit the state from denying or interfering with an individual’s most intimate decisions. These include a fundamental right to abortion and a fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.

JCJ’s Position: Yes ✅
Result: Yes ✅

JCJ’s response

One’s faith should never dictate the reproductive choice of any person, and as a Jewish community we respect the right to reproductive choice for all individuals. We are proud of the voters in our state for passing Proposition 1, which will officially cement the idea of choice into the constitution of California. At a time when rights are being stripped away, California continues to be a moral voice for the nation and a refuge for all who seek reproductive freedom.

Proposition 30

What it would do:

  • Increase income tax on individuals earning over $2 million by 1.75 percent. These earners would be taxed at 15.05 percent.
  • Revenue from the tax hike would be appropriated into the Clean Cars & Clean Air Trust Fund.
    • These funds would fund zero-emission vehicles, charging stations, infrastructure, as well as hiring & training firefighters.
JCJ’s Position: Yes ✅
Result: No ❌

JCJ’s response

Intricate to our Jewish faith and tradition is the idea of protecting our environment for generations to come. Last night, an opportunity was lost with the defeat of Proposition 30, which would have been a critical step forward in the effort to fight wildfires, advance clean energy, and reduce emissions. We will now turn our focus to Sacramento and advocate for legislation that propels California forward in the fight to address climate change.

Measure ULA

What it would do:

  • Provide support to people experiencing homelessness, and those at risk of homelessness, with rental assistance, income assistance for low income seniors, and access to permanent housing.
  • Include the strongest citizens’ oversight and accountability protections in the history of the City of Los Angeles, including a dedicated Inspector General with independent funding.
  • Create more than 26,000 homes for people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness, helping about 69,000 people over the next decade.
  • Create 44,000 construction jobs over the next decade with strong labor provisions that will ensure a skilled workforce and address wage inequities that fuel the very crisis we seek to solve.
  • Help more than 475,000 at-risk renters maintain their stability and keep their home each year.

JCJ’s Position: Yes ✅
Result: Undetermined at this point ❓

At a time when Los Angeles is experiencing a housing crisis, we need community-based solutions to ensure greater housing is achieved for all who seek shelter.