Following the passage of SB8 in Texas, a law that bans abortion after 6 weeks, Jewish Center for Justice Board Chair Julie Bank issued the following statement:

“The Jewish Center for Justice leadership and community are horrified by the passage of SB8 in Texas, a bill which bans access to an abortion after 6 weeks and encroaches on the 1973 landmark decision in Roe v. Wade. As a native of San Antonio, I am particularly ashamed of my home state’s actions.


“The plain and simple truth is this bill harms women, especially poor and minority women who are less likely to have the means to travel outside of the state for medical assistance. Reproductive freedom and gender equality have been dealt a huge setback, and cannot be achieved when women’s medical decisions are made by legislators.


“Our hearts are with the scared women and healthcare providers in Texas who are doing all they can to fight this ban. JCJ pledges to work directly with allies and coalition partners on the ground to support legal action and funds to ensure that women who need an abortion can access one in a safe manner.


“Make no mistake, this is just the beginning in the effort to strip rights from women.  Following the Supreme Court’s failure to prevent this law from being enacted, we will see many more states rush to pass similar abortion bans. Please join us in support of the people fighting this horrific assault on women’s rights and reproductive choice.”

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Organizations to support in this moment in time

This link helps connect you with on the ground organizations working to provide abortion care and financial and emotional support for Texans in need.

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These organizations are working on the ground in Texas to protect abortion access:

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