Jewish Center for Justice

Statewide Day of Action: Faith & Community Vigils for Migrant Families

On Thursday, December 6th, the Jewish Center for Justice joins with the greater California community of advocates who are bringing justice and hope to migrant families and asylum seekers at the border. To take action today, call your Member of Congress (you can reach U.S. Representatives by calling 202-225-3121, and U.S. senators by calling 202-224-3121). Here’s how to figure out who […]


On “Staying in my Lane”

By Dr. Jennifer Weiss The sound of metal-on-metal isn’t unfamiliar to doctors who have spent a career treating bullet wounds. Even modern basins made from plastic make a particular noise once a bullet has been deposited. Those sounds aren’t easy to forget because they are sensory memories of the destruction that gun violence leave in […]


JCJ responds to Women’s March developments

In response to Women’s March California and other local chapters clarifying their separation from the harmful affiliations of national Women’s March leaders, Jewish Center for Justice Board Chair Julie Bank and Manager of Jewish Engagement and Advocacy Leah Sternberg issued the following statement: From the moment JCJ opened its doors, we have supported Women’s Marches […]