Our yearlong Post-College Fellows program trains the next generation of Jewish social activist leaders. Through monthly gatherings with elected officials and community leaders, our fellows have a unique opportunity to advocate and organize in real time. Each fellow is mentored by a community leader and help shape JCJ's response to current issues. To find out more email



JCJ trains and educates college activists from Hillel and the broader campus to advocate and lead community relations at their colleges.  Providing an individualized approach for each campus community, JCJ provides engagement opportunities for students and staff on pro-Israel issues and social activism through an authentic Jewish lens. Current participating schools include the University of Southern California, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, University of Washington and University of California at Berkeley. To find out more email



A hands-on program dedicated to advocacy, coalition building and community relations anchors the JCJ Summer intern program for high school and college students.  Summer interns help shape the direction of the teen and college programs and help create opportunities for justice and activism with their peers in their communities.



Our lay leaders will have the opportunity to work in regional cohorts with other lay justice leaders to learn from experts in the field of activism, social policy, and Judaism.  Our lay leaders will represent JCJ on coalition and with our elected officials advocating on a wide variety of issues that are core to our cause and tradition.



JCJ works with a select group of Rabbinical students at various seminaries on the West Coast to train the future Rabbinic justice leaders of the 21st century.  Our Rabbinic student leaders will learn from experts in the field of Judaism and justice and receive training from a social activist on advocacy and organizing.  They will also participate in our justice Beit Midrash, an in-depth opportunity to expand the justice texts and teachings of our tradition. 



JCJ trains our teen leaders in community relations and coalition building.  From social action to civic engagement our teen leaders work with cohorts from our faith tradition to create coalitions of mutual understanding and respect.  Understanding the busy schedules of our teens, our program is designed to work around their schedules while giving them valuable tools in Judaism and activism to prepare for Jewish life on the college campus and beyond.

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