On May 8, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-64-20, which orders the November 3 General Election to be conducted as an all-mail ballot election. Accordingly, all registered voters in California will receive a vote-by-mail ballot in the mail prior to the election.

While the Jewish Center for Justice has supported and organized local and national efforts to increase awareness of the new vote-by-mail system since the pandemic started, we also understand that this election is too important to take any chances.

If you plan to vote by mail, we encourage you to submit your mail-in ballots as early as possible to your nearest drop-off location. If you are unable to vote far enough in advance, it is safe to vote in person at your local polling location. Just make sure to practice social distancing, wear a mask, carry hand sanitizer, and bring water in case you are standing outside for a prolonged period.

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The ability to vote is one of the most essential rights of any thriving democracy. That is why I’m joining [tag: Jewish Center for Justice] in local and national efforts to ensure everyone can access the vote in 2020. #Election2020 #Vote2020 https://jewishcenterforjustice.org/vote2020/


I’m joining the [tag: Jewish Center for Justice] to spread the word about voting in #Election2020. If you’re voting by mail, submit your ballot EARLY at your local ballot drop box. If you’re voting in person, practice social distancing, wear a mask & bring hand sanitizer. https://jewishcenterforjustice.org/vote2020/


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Propositions on the ballot in California

The Jewish Center for Justice also supports the following propositions in California:

Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 16

Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 17

Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop 21