On September 17, 2019, the Israeli government will hold an election for parliament and present the majority with the opportunity to form a new coalition and install their party’s leader as the country’s Prime Minister. This election will follow the April 2019 election that saw current Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu fail to form a majority coalition in the Knesset.

For the past ten years, Netenyahu has served as the Prime Minister of Israel under the Likud party. Last December, centrist parties merged to form the Blue and White party, a coalition aimed at defeating Netenyahu in the April elections. Both parties received 35 seats in April, but Likud was given the first opportunity to create a coalition. Failing to create said coalition, Netanyahu’s government has opted to hold a new snap election in September.

This new snap election in September is historically unprecedented, and we feel strongly about keeping the JCJ community informed and involved. Our hope is that Israel’s September elections will result in a peaceful and responsible outcome for the future of the State. In the lead up to the September election, here are five trustworthy sources to keep you well informed and updated on the polls and political shake ups in Israel:

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JCJ intern Lindsay Morgenstein contributed to this blog.