On Tuesday April 9, 2019, the Israeli government will hold an election for parliament and give the majority the opportunity to form a new coalition and have their party’s leader serve as the country’s Prime Minister. For the past ten years, Benjamin (Bibi) Netenyahu has served as the Prime Minster of Israel under the Likud party. Recently, centrist parties took part in a merger aimed at defeating Netenyahu in the coming elections.

Our community must use this opportunity to acknowledge and call out the repugnant acceptance that Prime Minister Netenyahu gave to Otzma Yehudi, a fringe and racist political party in Israel. We stand with our colleagues at AJC, AIPAC and many other Jewish groups around the world and in Israel calling out the racist and reprehensible views of this party.

Below are five articles to keep you well informed and updated on the polls and political shake ups in Israel: