Take ACTION by contacting your State Senator urging them to support AB 254.

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Sample script:

Hello, my name is [your name]. I’m calling today to urge [name of Senator] to pass Assembly Bill 254, which will protect the data of people who use period tracking apps from being shown or sold to, or otherwise used by, third parties. As a constituent of California, I believe that every American citizen has the right to privacy, as is stated in the Constitution. As a Jewish person, I also believe strongly in bodily autonomy and privacy. Our tradition teaches that menstruation is a personal experience and not something to be exploited. As such, I urge [the senator’s name] to support AB 254. Thank you for your consideration.

What is JCJ advocating for?

Assembly Bill 254, which has passed the State Assembly and made its way into the State Senate, would:

  • Protect confidential data stored in period tracking apps
  • Expand the definition of healthcare to include reproductive or sexual information
  • make it illegal for period tracking apps, healthcare providers, or any other business to share users’ and patients’ private information
  • Ensure that confidential information remains confidential, upholding California citizens’ right to privacy

Why are we advocating for medical privacy?

Following the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned the ruling in Roe, it’s understandable to become scared. That’s why it’s important to support legislation like AB 254. In states like Tennessee, confidential medical records have been ordered over to state legislators. We cannot allow this to occur in California. We must make every effort to protect our rights and ensure California remains the safe haven for reproductive freedom that it has long been.

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