Take ACTION by contacting your Representatives and urging them to re-introduce The Women’s Health Protection Act.

Sample script:

“Hi, my name is [your name]. I’m calling today to urge [name of Representative] to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. This bill, which would codify Roe and make abortion access the law of the land, is a necessary step in the aftermath of the horrific Supreme Court Dobbs decision. As a member of the Jewish Center for Justice community, we support efforts to dismantle the institutional barriers that women face on a daily basis, including policies and legislation that expand reproductive rights. Thank you.”

Following last year’s horrific Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court, we quickly saw states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri restrict abortion access. Meanwhile,  states like California, Minnesota, and New York responded with legislation that protects the right to abortion access and helps individuals from other states who are seeking abortion access find refuge and reproductive care. And in November, California voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure to enshrine a woman’s right to choose into the state constitution.  

Sunday, January 22 would have been the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme court case Roe v. Wade, which saved countless lives by making reproductive choice a fundamental right in this country. In honor of this commemoration and the fight that we have been forced to take back on these last 6 months, we dedicate this week to advocating at the national level to pass legislation that will codify Roe and ensure that regardless of the state in which you live, you will have access to reproductive health care. 

What is JCJ advocating for?

We call on the 118th Congress to re-introduce The Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe and make abortion access the law of the land. 

We call on congress to re-introduce The EACH Act, which would ensure that every person who receives care or insurance through the federal government will have coverage for abortion services. This bill would also prohibit political interference in decisions by private health insurance companies to offer coverage for abortion care, thus eliminating the Hyde Amendment.

And, we call upon the FDA and the Biden Administration to use the power of the Executive Branch to remove existing barriers to abortion medication. 

Stay Informed: