This summer, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting internships and fellowships for young people, JCJ is increasing our summer fellowship opportunities to those who are passionate about advocacy, justice and Judaism.

Over the course of the next few months, this group of university and high school students will engage in learning sessions, advocacy opportunities, resource building and overall justice work, all still virtual, but remaining as “hands-on” as possible with social distancing. Regardless of how this pandemic turns out, JCJ remains committed to supporting ongoing virtual opportunities for our cohorts and students so that the rest of California’s essential businesses can reopen on schedule.

Meet the Jewish Center for Justice 2020 summer fellows.

Adam Friedman
George Washington University

Adam is a political science major and applied ethics minor. Adam has dedicated his life to fighting inequality, and is excited to maintain his commitment to justice this summer through his work with the JCJ.


Dahvi Cohen
George Washington University

Dahvi is currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Human Services & Social Justice. She also recently authored an op-ed piece in about universities offering tuition reimbursement to students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.


Aaron Fried
UC Santa Barbara

“I’m excited to intern with JCJ because it seems like a great way to learn the ropes of political activism, especially through a Jewish lens.”


Eliana Robin
Washington University in St. Louis
Political Science and English

“I am interning for JCJ because I want to use political advocacy to fight for social justice issues that matter to me. I am passionate about public policies that engender equality and am excited to use this internship to fight for these important legislative actions.”


Lisa Friedman
University of Arizona
Non-Profit Management and Judaic Studies

“I am motivated by JCJ’s work to provide equity for all. I am extremely excited to make a difference in our world with JCJ!”


Vivienne Scott
10th Grade
Aragon High School

“I’m motivated to spend my summer at JCJ because working for social justice is really important to me, and something that I want to do with my life. Putting activism through a Jewish lens is a significant part of my life and it makes me feel very fulfilled when I know I can help other people and the world.”


Sam Wolf
Beverly Hills High School

“This summer, I want to work and advocate for all Americans who have been affected by the pandemic, and for bold, progressive policies that will directly benefit them. I also want to keep advocating for a fossil fuel-free future and policies that will leave a sustainable future for future generations.”


Hannah Levine
Washington University in St. Louis
International Area Studies

“I am interning for the JCJ because I believe in using my privilege to help those that aren’t as fortunate as I.  The JCJ advocates woman’s rights, criminal justice reform, and gun violence prevention which are all issues I am extremely passionate about.”


Zane Levine
First year
UC Berkeley
Molecular and Cellular Biology Major

“I’m interning with the JCJ this summer because during these rough times, I want to be able to give back to my community.”


Simon Bank
8th Grade
Geffen Academy

“I am motivated to intern at JCJ this summer because I see the tragedy and trauma that happens in this world, and it kills me that I don’t know how to make a difference. Through JCJ I know that I can help make a difference.”


Ryan Altman
Windward School (Los Angeles, CA)

“I come back to JCJ because I care for my community; JCJ provides an incredible platform to make positive change and learn through action.  As someone with an interest in public policy, JCJ is a great place to grow as an analyst, and, more importantly, a person.”


Rebecca Lazarus
9th grade
The Archer School For Girls

I am a competitive gymnast and in my free time I love to read. I am excited to work with JCJ because this year I have become interested in government and the U.S. justice system so I would like to learn more. I have also seen many things in my community that I feel are unjust and I would love the opportunity to help fix them.


Eliana Feinstein
Palisades Charter High School

Having always been passionate about social justice, activism, leadership and Judaism, Eliana is especially happy to be working with JCJ this summer. Eliana is excited to learn and grow through her time with JCJ while working to make a difference and create change in society.


Renata Feinstein
Palisades Charter High School

Renata looks forward to a summer experience of social justice and activism with the JCJ, so she can learn more about the very tangible ways she can help others.


Ben Chasen
Northwestern University
Journalism and Political Science

“I’ve had a passion for activism for as long as I can remember, and I’m looking forward to growing my skills as an advocate this summer while fighting for important causes such as voting rights and racial justice with the JCJ.”


JCJ Summer Intern Manager

While growing up in Virginia, Elias Chajet spent his summers at Camp Twin Creeks, a non-denominational sleep away camp in West Virginia.  After ten years as a camper, he worked his way up the staff hierarchy to ultimately direct the High Ropes and adventure courses. Elias is a graduate of the 2015 class of Hofstra University where he majored in Judaic Studies. Outside of the university community Elias found his home at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck as a 4th  grade Hebrew teacher, tutor, and 5th grade family educator. After graduation, Elias moved to Jackson, MS. where he was an Education Fellow for the ISJL. In the past three years Elias has begun to pursue a Rabbinic Ordination and Masters of Jewish Education at the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, first in Jerusalem and now in Los Angeles. While studying at HUC-JIR Elias became a JCJ Seminary fellow to learn about the world justice work and the Jewish values can drive it. that This past February Elias was commissioned into the United States Navy’s Chaplain Candidate Program.

JCJ is continuing to accept new interns for summer 2020. For more info on our programs, go to or email