We are alarmed by continuing verbal attacks against the state of Israel and certain parts of the Jewish community by some leaders of the Women’s March.

The Jewish Center for Justice is dedicated to building coalitions of diversity and strength in order to raise our collective voice for justice.  This year, in Women’s Marches across the country, we have marched arm-in-arm with communities to create a tapestry of strength and inclusivity.  We have dedicated time and resources to strengthening this relevant coalition and we have felt the movements growing strength.
So we are saddened by the comments and actions of the Women’s March national leaders, which have offended our Judaism and Zionism.  The most recent statements came this past week with one of the national leaders calling the founding of the State of Israel a “Human rights crime.” Read more on that here.
When we reached out to the LA Women’s March Foundation we were glad to learn that while local and national organizations are similar and created at the same time, they are in fact separate entities.  They shared with us this important statement regarding recent statements from the national leaders. Read here.
When JCJ participates in coalition building with the Women’s March in the future, as we did during the March for our Lives in March, we do so knowing the care and the belief of local leadership. We are in the process of organizing a community conversation this summer with the Women’s March LA Foundation leadership and leaders in our community.  We hope that our meeting will open up an ongoing dialogue to ensure that the diverse coalition we have built in our local communities remains strong and separate from the divisive rhetoric from some of the national march leaders.