At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak and eventual pandemic, it appeared as if lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders would last only through the beginning of the spring. Yet, as we near two months since the first virus shutdowns, it is clear that many classic summer activities will be interrupted as well: the Olympic Games, summer camps, baseball and, yes, summer internships.

While some organizations are making efforts to transition already planned summer internships to remote or virtual work, many more have had to scale back their programs due to the lack of in-person communication and staff shortages. As a result, the Jewish Center for Justice has received an influx of outreach from young people who have lost summer internships and are still looking to make the most of summer.

This is why JCJ has increased our summer internship opportunities to those who are passionate about advocacy, justice and Judaism. Over the course of the next few months, this group of high school and university students will participate in learning sessions, advocacy opportunities, resource building and overall justice work, all still virtual, but remaining as “hands-on” as can be possible while still social distancing.

Regardless of how this pandemic turns out, JCJ remains committed to supporting ongoing virtual opportunities for our cohorts and students so that the rest of California’s essential businesses can reopen on schedule.

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