Gender Equity

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Demand a world that is safer and more just for people of all genders

Join us as we mobilize Jewish communities and pro-democracy people of faith in support of gender equity.

What’s the injustice?

From the workplace to the doctor’s office, women are subject to unequal and unjust treatment.

Women in the United States live and work at a systemic disadvantage, navigating a daily labyrinth of challenges and injustices — namely, a pay gap, restrictions to reproductive freedoms, and endemic exposure to sexual violence and gender discrimination. While American society has seen progress, women in this country continue to earn 84 cents to the man’s dollar. In more and more American states, legislatures have passed laws to restrict access to reproductive care — pushing abortion services out of reach for millions. Women disproportionately face sexual harassment and assault in nearly every dimension of their lives.

None of these realities exists in a vacuum; each is corrosive to American society and leads to other harmful outcomes in health, wealth, education, careers, and beyond. For black women, women of color, immigrants, trans women, and others with marginalized identities, the barriers to stability and prosperity are even more difficult to scale. COVID-19 shined a light on these disparities, often forcing mothers to assume disproportionate caregiving responsibilities, school-age girls to sacrifice their studies to take on additional work in the home, and many women to put their careers on indefinite hold.

What we believe

People of all genders deserve equal opportunity.

Women have played a central and vital role in the story and tradition of the Jewish people. We support efforts to dismantle the institutional barriers that women face on a daily basis. This includes advocating for policies and legislation that close the gender pay gap, expand reproductive rights and root out harassment, assault, and discrimination.

We are engaged with our coalition partners in the fight to pass two pieces of transformative legislation:

We also call on congress to re-introduce The EACH Act, which would ensure that every person who receives care or insurance through the federal government will have coverage for abortion services. This bill would also prohibit political interference in decisions by private health insurance companies to offer coverage for abortion care, thus eliminating the Hyde Amendment.

And, we call upon the FDA and the Biden Administration to use the power of the Executive Branch to remove existing barriers to abortion medication.

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Connections: Jewish Sources

And Devorah, wife of Lappidoth, was a prophetess; she led Israel at that time. — Judges 4:4

Devorah served as a prophet, leader, and warrior in Israel with the same power and influence of the male counterparts of her era.

“And there drew near the daughters of Tzelofchad” (Number 27:1): When the daughters of Tzelofchad heard that the land was to be apportioned to the tribes and not to females they gathered together to take counsel. — Sifre b’midbar 133:1

In ancient times land was passed down from father to son. In the story of Tzelofchad, he had five daughters but did not have a son and when he passed away, his land was to be given to the community. But his daughters stood up in protest and won the will of God and received their father’s land.