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Speak out against hate
Call your elected officials and urging them to continue their leadership in creating a society in which hate and bigotry are forbidden. As a Jewish community, we are often targets of such hate, yet we have a responsibility to build a society of love and compassion. A call script can be found on JCJ’s Facebook page
Support women’s reproductive rights
Protect women from being fired or discriminated against for reproductive health decisions like IVF, being pregnant and unmarried, or using birth control by asking your network of small business owners to support CA Assembly Bill 569, which allows a woman to be the sole moral decision maker of her body. 
On these High Holy Days, we look back on this past year and take stock of our lives. We spend these weeks reflecting on moments of joy and sadness, love and loss, pursuing justice and missing the mark. Yet we know that looking back is only one part of the High Holy Day experience. Use this time–and this guide created by JCJ–to look forward, to discover our capacity and to reach a little further.