Women’s Rights

Reproductive Justice

The Jewish Center for Justice firmly defends a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding her reproductive health and opposes any attempts to restrict access to quality, affordable health care. JCJ values the ideal that each and every woman has agency over her own body, which is why we serve as a strong advocate and supporter of organizations that offer critical health services to women.

  • In 1973, only 36 percent of abortions were performed at or before eight weeks of pregnancy (CDC, 2008). Today, 91.4 percent of all legal abortions are performed within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, and 64.5 percent take place within the first eight weeks of pregnancy. Only 1.4 percent occur at or after 21 weeks (CDC, 2014). (Source: Planned Parenthood.)
  • Between 1969 and 1980, the dropout rate among women with access to the pill was 35 percent lower than women without access to the pill. Legal access to the pill before age 21 led to a significant (2.3 percent) increase in women who were college graduates. (Source: Planned Parenthood.)

Pay Equity

Gender equality is an essential component to a free and just society, yet in 2018 women were still regularly paid less than their male counterparts for the same work. The Jewish Center for Justice is working to close the gender pay gap by advocating for policies and legislation that dismantle the institutional barriers that women face on a daily basis.

Connections: Jewish Sources

And Devorah, wife of Lappidoth, was a prophetess; she led Israel at that time. — Judges 4:4

Devorah served as a prophet, leader, and warrior in Israel with the same power and influence of the male counterparts of her era.

“And there drew near the daughters of Tzelofchad” (Number 27:1): When the daughters of Tzelofchad heard that the land was to be apportioned to the tribes and not to females they gathered together to take counsel. — Sifre b’midbar 133:1

In ancient times land was passed down from father to son. In the story of Tzelofchad, he had five daughters but did not have a son and when he passed away, his land was to be given to the community. But his daughters stood up in protest and won the will of God and received their father’s land.

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